Past, Present, and Future
Recording Projects:

 DBMG Members Compilation CD
Mike Felisko 3-CD project, My complete collection of original music. 61 songs
Sandy Wright - CD project
Tim Remmert - 10 song CD project, song - take the day off
Allaudin's Florida Spring Retreat 2000
Schlep Rock
3-5 song EP, Glenn Rings Magic Life Band cassette to CD,
Rick Steffen test CDs and file conversions for Another Island,
Sy Flowers 3 song demo, John Fales 1 song demo,
Rick Bailey's Painfully Cliched Sentiments to CD,

My self produced CD, Top Desk Drawer
Let me know which songs are your favorites.

KD1 - daughters song, add tracks, mix
remix of Mystical Odysey and Apart or Together for Just In Time
Song That Heaven Wrote - Samo project - guitar tracks
My new song - YUTBF
Jonah - recording session

Mike Felisko CD project, Just In Time

Re-recording some old songs from volume 1