Who has the coldest

in town ?

Ormond Beach
Woos Taboo Lounge 38.4 38.8 = 38.6
Franks  35.7 34.3 = 35

Daytona Beach
Tir Na Nog  30.8 28.8 = 29.4
Speedway 35.7
Spankys 38.4

Holly Hill
Chris' Lounge 51.0 35.6 = 42.75
Hideout 37.2

General drinking area
Tir Na Nog  30.8 28.8 = 29.4
Land of the Young
the tale of Tir na nOg

2016 results

2017 results

2018 results

2019 results

2020 no readings
due to COVID closing the bars

2021 results


It all started when a bartender (at one of the aforementioned bars) posted on Facebook asking friends to come in and have a beer as they have the coldest beer in town. I also noticed “coldest beer in town” on a venue sign (at one of the aforementioned bars). So, I invested $5.21 in a digital thermometer and took some readings. (BTW, he was right)

2 measurements were taken at random times during the month of July at venues I frequent and know to carry Red Stripe beer in bottles.
Only 1 reading if over 40 degrees.
No beers (or bartenders) were abused during course of this survey.

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